Your 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Welcome to the BC Fitness 6 Weeks Body Transformation Challenge!  

We can't wait to get you started 💪😍  

We will send you emails, texts and push notifications via the app to keep you updated, motivated, and supported with everything you need to know to make the most out of the next 6 weeks.   

We will drip-feed you information over the next 6-weeks of the challenge.  

You have access to everything you need to reach your goals and overcome any and all your challenge all you need to do is watch, learn, implement and ask questions and get incredible results. 

No question is a stupid question, please remember that and reach out and ask as many questions as you need.   

Time to work through everything and start learning, asking questions and implementing immediately.   

we have opened the door and given you access to everything YOU need to get incredible RESULTS MAKE SURE YOU IMPLEMENT.   

Your goals are now our goals and we do not fail.   

Ben & the BCHQ Team.